Wakeboard & Wakesurf 

Dear Gusts, we do our best to answer your requests in due time. 
 It is a passion and not a job! 
As we are a privately  organised club and not a company we do everything in our free time beside our normal jobs. When we receive your request, we first need to check for the availability of a boat driver. 

Due to the high amount of last minute cancellations with sometimes incomprehensible reasons and our people wasting their free time, we have decide to ask for a deposit of 15€ per person for the first few bookings with us. 

The deposit will be settled with the actual costs after your ride.


Wakeboard & Wakesurf

Guests: 3,00€ per min 

Including board, vest and if needed wetsuit

Tube / Bananaboat

3€ min 


DigiCash / Paypal